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Katie Breingan writes about life now wee Vann is on the path to healing his eczema.

We were lucky enough to come contact with Katie when she was ordering some clothes for Vann - see photos below of Vann, Katie and Hunta (Vanns big brother). You can follow more of Vanns progress on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/VannandKatieBreingan?ref=br_tf

"As I sit here 5 weeks away from our second trip to Avene, France, I watch Vann playing happily, laughing, chatting and thinking how different it is since this time last year. I was preparing for our first trip desperately counting down the weeks. Holding my baby 24/7 while his body was trying hard to fight the itch. Soothing him while he cried in pain. Sitting with him all night to ensure he didn’t rip his skin apart. Spending a majority of our time at home, in the air-conditioning. Safe away from the staring, looks, whispering and having to explain to every second person what was on our sons face and body.

How life has changed……

Now we are enjoying the simple things. Family weekends away, beach trips, boat trips, playing at the park and swimming. Watching our little boy enjoying being a toddler, enjoying life and keeping up with his older brother.

The journey has been a long one, stressful, trying and testing but I was more determined than ever to help my son. Eczema changed our lives; it shook us and challenged us as a family. It broke me as a desperate mother. The sight of your son that has ripped himself apart and blood everywhere will be one that I won’t forget in a long time. The smell of infected skin, the feeling of loneliness and desperation, the feeling of sheer exhaustion and sleep deprivation all things that will stay with me and our family for a long time yet.

But…….. Positive times ahead, on wards and up wards. Only 5 weeks away and as a family we will be making our way back to Avene, France. To the hydrotherapy centre that changed our lives so that Vann can receive his second round of treatment. 3 weeks of bathing, showering, drinking and being wrapped in the healing water. Another step closer to seeing the back of this horrible illness and another step closer to normality. Our little man deserves nothing less than being normal and healthy. We thank our lucky stars daily for the love, help and support from our family, friends and strangers that have made our trips happen.

Photos below are before our first trip to the Avene Hydrotherapy Centre.

Wet wrapped head to toe, spending lots of time in hospital. Ready for his bath in bottled water, as tap water would sting his little body.

While in France, Trip 1 - 2014
Facial Compressions, baths and drinking the healing water. Vann sitting out the front of the clinic.

We now have a little boy with bright blue shining happy eyes, that sleeps all night and enjoys life. That on occasions has a flare up from eczema, that now has managable eczema. No more nasty medications, no more hospital stays. Bring on an itch free life…….. "

Vann, Katie and Hunta (Vanns big brother).
Vann rocking our super smooth Duffle Pants & Long Sleeve Tshirt.