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Top five tips for gut health
Gut health is very important for your overall health because 60-70% of your immune systems live there. So, its makes sense to look after and protect our gut health to support our immune systems. There are several things that you can do to support your system and below are my top five nutrition tips.

All the cells in our bodies need water and we are largely made up of water. Being well hydrated and drinking lots of water helps to move waste out of your system. It can also assist with any constipation and bloating that you may have. It’s important for good digestive help to keep things moving through and water really helps with process. It keeps the body well lubricated and running efficiently.

2.Eat Probiotic rich foods
Probiotic foods help to seed the gut with the right kind of bacteria that it needs to support your immune health. So what is a probiotic food? Fermented foods like Sauerkraut, miso and kefir are all rich in probiotics. If you are able to handle dairy there are many dairy products including yoghurts and cheeses that contain probiotics.

3.Reduce sugar and processed foods
The bad bacteria feed on sugar so if you are eating refined sugars or processed foods that contain a lot of sugar you are essentially feeding the bad bacteria. Alternatively, by reducing the amount of sugar that you eat you are reducing the food source for the bad bacteria and may in turn reduce your symptoms.

4.Eat regularly but give your digestive system a break
I know that sounds like a long winded title. What I am trying to explain is that your digestive system needs a little bit of down time to do its best work. Between eating the digestive system is working on the food and also clearing the system of waste. If there is a constant supply of food then there isn’t as much time for cleaning. I am not suggesting that you need to have large breaks or starve. The general suggestion is that you need 3-4hrs in-between to allow the body to do its best work.
Also, a helpful hint is to chew your food. Really chew it. The more that you can work on your food in your mouth the more you can support your digestive system. Chewing your food indicates to the stomach that food is on its way. Chewing your food well is not as stressful on the body as it doesn’t need to do so much work to break the food down.

5.Eat lots of fibre
Fiber is basically a cleaner for you insides. Think of a stalk of broccoli, it even looks a little like a broom and it’s full of fiber. When a diet is rick in fiber it assists the digestive system by cleaning the system but it can also provide some help with the growth of good bacteria. When thinking about fiber think of whole, plant based foods eg vegetables, fruits and whole grains eg rolled oats. These foods will aid digestion and support your immune health.

Tracey Wheeler
BHSc (Comp Med) Dip.Nat (Hons); Dip.Herb Med. (Hons)
traceynaturally@gmail.com Facebook/T.Ainc