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We recommend you get dust mite covers for your children's bed and pillows.
Dust mites are a very common trigger for eczema sufferers, but it is a good idea to have your child tested for dust mite allergy if you think this is the case.
Freezing toys, pram toys, cot mobiles etc kill the dust mites and make the item rather cool to touch, soothing for a short time for your child.
Otherwise you need to vacuum, wet dust, hot wash and dry all bedding frequently (if your child is not allergic to pollens, air bedding in the sun).
Use natural bedding where possible.

You can get dust mite covers from many places:

The sleepstore: http://www.thesleepstore.co.nz/shop/linen/dust-mite-protection

Briscoes: http://www.briscoes.co.nz/bed-and-bath/bedroom/mattress-protecters-toppers-and-underlays/eco-bed-sealed-cot-mattress-protector-1042688

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