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We feel that children who have eczema need extra help and support from the inside out too. Be sure to check the label for any ingredients that your child may be allergic/sensitive to ie Lactose, soy etc. This is what we use personally, so please seek other brands if you prefer we have no brand alliances.

The Bam |+| Boo boys are currently using the following:

Multivitamin (one of the B|+|B boys cannot take children's multivitamins as they make eczema on his face flare up)
Vitamin C - Vitamin C is a great anti-inflammatory and thought to help with immune system deficiencies. We use NZLF Vitamin C sachets as they do not put any stress on the gastric system (large amounts of Vitamin C cause loose bowels). It has a tangy taste, but we prefer it to the Livon sachets. BUT this is definitely personal preference here.

Zinc - We use Biocare Nutrisorb Zinc Plus with Ascorbate Acid. They are drops, and we just pop them in their water bottle or breakfast. Easy!

Vitamin D3 - We use the Bioceuticals Vitamin D3 drops - again we just pop them into their water bottles.

Probiotics - There are a great range of Probiotics on the market. We like Natures way as they do a children's chewable Probiotic. (we also like to use Natures way for ourselves too!) Ethical Nutrients is another great brand, and it is in powder form so you can pop it into anything they drink, too easy. We used the Ethical Nutrients eczema shield when our wee ones were babies.