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How to care for your garments?

Bamboo viscose is a very smooth fabric, it must be looked after to ensure garment life.

Please follow the care instructions as per the labels or see below if labels have been removed.

* Please look after the garment and be kind to it, in turn it will be kind to your child's skin.

* Use a washing/laundry bag to protect the garment from the washing machine, this will reduce the chance of stretching, nicks and pilling.

* If your child is crawling, as with most fabrics this increases the chance of pilling greatly on the points the garment has contact with rough surfaces.

* It’s a good idea to use the mildest of detergents - they are better for your family.

* Please check the care/washing instructions on the label - but generally please wash in cold water (better for the garment and the environment) to reduce shrinkage. Can be washed in hot water to remove creams etc from the fabric but this will alter sizing.

* Garments and bedding can be tumbled dry on low heat and removed promptly to wear straight away.

* Garments can be ironed, dry (not steam), take care to avoid printing, if steam from the iron creates marks on the garment, you will need to wash again.

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