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Alicia LOVES the skin care product we stock Pure Fiji Dilo range - works a treat for her wee ones skin.

"Before trying Dilorescue I was covering my son in steroid cream as I was desperate to get his eczema under control which left me feeling awful as it was required on a daily basis just to keep it at a reasonable level, it certainly wasn't healing or improving. We have so many bottles of creams that we have tried, some natural and some not - nothing worked or even helped slightly. During one of my numerous google marathons (in hopes that I would find the answer for my son's eczema) I found Bam+Boo and Pure Fiji Dilorescue. We have been using Dilorescue gel and bath milk therapy for nearly a month and my son's skin has been clear and soft for at least a week now, any flare ups are now minimal as well. Thanks so much for your fantastic advice and product!"

Another lovely customer Monica says:

"Thanks for shipping my order so quickly! It has to be said, Bam and Boo Duffle pants are the best! They look super cute on my little man, are so soft and silky and fit beautifully! You are onto a winner there! Now I just need to order another 6 pairs so he has one for every day of the week. Seriously impressed!!"

From the lovely Jaclyn:

"Just wanted to say how much we are enjoying the clothes and sheets. In fact if you made the sheets in queen size, I'd buy some for our bed too!
My partner has commented on how lovely and soft the clothes are and he's encouraging me to buy some more, so I'll be getting a couple more tops for now. I'll try the Dilo gel too as I'd like to use something that feels nicer than fatty cream or the steroid cream. They seem to work for a little while but Kip's eczema comes up and down regardless.
Anyway, happy new year and thanks for producing such a quality product!"