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Eczema and sensitive-skin friendly clothing for your children

The start of bam |+| boo kids

Hi there, I’m Max and that’s Tom. We were the most lovely, chubby, awesome, happy babies and our parents adored us to pieces! Everything was going really well until we both started to get eczema… at about 7 weeks old. We got it on our faces, shoulders, trunks, knees – even the crooks of our elbows and the back of our knees… yes everywhere! Our parents were so distraught, our mums even cried about it. They wanted to know what was causing it. Was it something they consumed during pregnancy? Was it an irritant passing through their breast milk? Was it the products they were using on us - our bath wash, shampoo, or lotions? Or perhaps the fabrics close to us - our clothing and bedding? Was it the products they used on those fabrics? Or was it something else in our environment? Cats, dogs, dust, pollen outside?! The list was extensive!

After an exhausting and expensive process of research, doctors (holistic & traditional) trial and elimination, they finally found some relief for us. They got onto healing our guts, bone broths, probiotics and identified our personal triggers (food allergies/environmental allergies) which made our eczema flare up and found various solutions to help us feel better. They then dressed us in silky soft bamboo clothing which reduced the irritation and helped keep us comfortable.
We are both 6yrs old now and still get flair ups every now and then - if you ever need a chat or some advice or someone to point you in the right direction for help, please contact our Mums Toni and Martha-jane!

What we stand for?

bam |+| boo kids promises to provide clothing that is kind to sensitive and eczema prone skin without compromising style. We also do our best to provide practical and functional clothing that is essentially a seasonless capsule collection with small changes from year to year. We are not a fashion brand, but a lifestyle brand - our clothes grow with your child, so less garments are needed to be purchased (and less ends up in landfill!). Our considered design is unisex and streamlined to make this easier to pair with other brands garments well.

What does this really mean?

|+| Eczema and sensitive skin clothing - by using a bamboo viscose and organic cotton fabric blend, our clothing is soft and breathable. This means less irritation.

|+| Pants and sleeves that have longer cuffs so that you can cover those wrists and ankles and also fold them up then down as your child grows for extended use.

|+| Just because they are little and possibly uncomfortable from Eczema doesn’t mean they have to miss out on wearing fashionable and comfortable clothing.

|+| Clothing that is affordable for the quality of the product.

|+| Clothing that is on trend and fun.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us. Whether it is a product inquiry or just to say hi, we would love to hear from you.
Call Toni on +64 211758534 or Martha Jane +64 21 701767 (during normal business hours)
Email us on

Otherwise, drop us a message on Facebook or follow us on Facebook or instagram

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Thank you!

bam |+| boo team