Allergy Links

Here are some helpful links and resources for your Eczema needs.

Asthma Foundation
Asthma is well known allergy in NZ. Many children with eczema can also suffer from asthma. Very useful resource to manage asthma and other respiratory issues.

Allergy New Zealand

The resources on the website and their support to people suffering from allergies have been very valuable. If your child is suffering from any allergy, be it mild or serious; feel free to contact them for support and guidance.

Allergy Support Group NZ (ASNZ) - a support group on Facebook to help
caregivers and familes dealing with the effects of allergies - including

Itchy Kids
They are a New Zealand support group run by parents for parents and whanau (family) of children with eczema. The aim of their site is to gather eczema related information in a central location and make it available to those caring for children with eczema.

Health & Wellness
Naturopathic / PAT (Positive Association Technique)

PAT is a complementary therapy which may assist with the symptoms of allergies, sensitivities and adverse reactions. PAT is the end result of over twenty years of development and involves a unique combination of naturopathic and acupressure techniques.

Rough Patch

Treatment of eczema and skin conditions. Education and self management. Tailoring individual plans embracing natural and conventional approaches, and diet.
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